A market for growth

Since 2010, sales of wearable devices have gone in one direction only. And market growth over the next three years is expected to see a rise of 80%. The future is technology you don’t have to hold in your hand or rest on your lap.


Integrated user experiences

Wearable devices move you closer to your user. Your product becomes an impactful and totally integrated part of their lifestyle. Functional, but invisible technologies worn on the body will become an essential user interface. Innovation in this area is a step into the new era for your brand.


Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

Right now, 25% of adults use a fitness tracker or smart phone app to track and regulate their health, weight or exercise. From Fitbit to smart watches, these kinds of technologies have the power to change our lives for the better, for good – addressing critical health issues and empowering users to take control.


Entertainment & Gaming

The rising demand for rich VR and AR gaming experiences, plus the expectation of entertainment available at a second’s notice has paved the way for pioneering developments in wearable devices. This will become a busy, competitive market over the next few years, so forward-thinking moves into this area are essential for your business.

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