Evolution through intelligent advances

The robotics industry continues to expand, largely in parallel with the continued evolution and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) Robotics are the body behind the brain of AI, created through a combination computer science and engineering. Robotics can be used in a variety of situations including those too dangerous or unstable for human hands, performing basic to complex functions such as movement, manufacturing, speech, cognition and now – nearly anything a human can do.


Types of Robotics

  • Industrial Robotics: Engineered Design to Perform Functions
  • Consumer Robotics (Home Robotics): Perform Household Tasks and Automation
  • Service Robotics: Provide Smarter, Efficient and even Emotional Services

Hands-on experience with SoftBank’s Pepper robot

Realizing the huge potential of SoftBank’s Pepper robot, Omnie took immediate reaction in purchasing a Pepper robot of our own. Exploring potential avenues of applications for Pepper in retail and beyond, Omnie’s Pepper currently resides in New Delhi, India – where he has become an integral part of the Omnie science and technical teams.


How Pepper and other robotics can help the retail industry

“Who is Pepper?” Note the “who” rather than “what.” The question asked by its creators at SoftBank Robots pretty much sums it up that this humanoid robot isn’t just a machine… it’s closer to a being. Pepper is one of the stars of the digital revolution in robotics, and appears as a human-shaped robot that is, according to “his” manufacturers “kindly, endearing and surprising.” Pepper is the first humanoid robot so successfully integrated with AI that it is actually able to successfully perceive and respond to human emotions.


Highlights & Benefits

  • Create a personalized shopping experience
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Reduce employee expense
  • Demonstrate a futuristic business model
  • Create media buzz
  • Understand consumer choices
  • Increase retail sales

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