News / 21st March 2012

Omnie develops 2 iPhone Apps for a leading manufacturer of wires and cables

Omnie Solutions proudly announces the launch of 2 iPhone apps for North America's leading manufacturer of wires and cables used in the distribution transmission of electricity. It deals in copper & aluminum, rod casting machinery & OEM products.

These iPhone apps which are now available on iTunes were developed by the Mobile Application Development team @ Omnie which also works on different mobile application platforms such as, IPhone, Android and RIM to deliver successful projects. Prior to using these Apps it was difficult for the sales team to interact with their customers and give them real time product related information. This app has helped reduce time and cost & has created a customer oriented platform.

Conduit Fill Calculator: This iPhone app has provided its company dealers and sales & marketing executives an easy and quick way of navigation. All that is required is for them to enter the Conduit Type and Size and specify the conductors & the App will calculate the Conduit Fill % as per NEC Guidelines within seconds. The app has helped electricians, engineers and contractors to easily answer their customer's questions pertaining to the size and length of the conduit.

MCAP® Savings Calculator: This app has brought in revolutions in the field of cable installation. It can save you up to 30 percent of the installation time and costs & can instantaneously illustrate the value of the labor cost savings. Some key features of this app include: emailing results to customers, providing estimated cost saving in time and dollars.

With more and more people preferring to work on SmartPhones, iPhones and iPads, these apps have helped the sales and marketing team to give instant results to their customers since the app is meant to be viewed on iPhones or iPads. The dedicated team of mobile developers @ Omnie Solutions successfully completed the task of developing this amazing iPhone Apps within the stipulated timeframe of 1 month. Prior to the implementation of these apps, it was very difficult for sales and marketing team to provide accurate & instant results within such a small timeframe.