News / 28th September 2010

ICM, UK based Contract Management solution provider improves efficiency by implementing a web based Contract Management Solution designed and developed by Omnie Solutions

Omnie helped ICM replace standalone legacy system with a web based, scalable Contractor Management software that handled accounting processes of their contractors.

Omnie announces, ICM (Island Contract Management), an umbrella company acting as a payment arm of Bothmans ( Isle of Man) Limited has implemented a Contractors Management solution specially designed and built to improve efficiency .

ICM , provides customized payments services to thousands of sub-contractors including every week across locations like UK and other parts of Europe. The organization struggled with their legacy system, they used for last 7 years because of the accumulated data in the past years and heavy data transaction done every day made the application slower and hampered their user’s productivity.

The company faced a difficulty in finding any vendor to support the existing application as the technology used became obsolete. ICM quickly envisaged the need of a robust and a scalable system and after rigorous evaluation ICM chose their preferred partner to develop a solution very specific to their need.

Omnie proposed a web based solution after complete business process study and requirement analysis. The solution was immediately accepted since it covered the entire aspect of their complex process the company wanted to map in the system.

With successful implementation of Omnie’s Contract Management Solution seamlessly integrated with the leading banks and their current accounting system, the company overcame their biggest challenge of real time information. They also gained on higher user adaptability with the excellent user experience and increased functionalities.

About ICM (Island Contract Management)

Island Contract Management Limited (ICM) acts as the contracts payments arm of Boothmans (Isle of Man) Limited, specialising in providing a bespoke payments service to thousands of sub-contractors per week, all across the UK and Europe.

ICM also works in association with the BW Oakfield and Boothman's Chartered Accountants.

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