News / 15th December 2010

Omnie designs a Voice – to – Text system for a global leader in value-added communication

Omnie announced they have created a web application for the global leader in value added services. The Atlanta based organization is renowned for their innovative solutions that improve the quality of information communicated among people.

The company needed an application that could convert sophisticated voice mails to simple text messages to be delivered as SMS/SMS’s or MMS/MMS’s. The system was also expected to automate the enablement of Voice – to -Text application for customers.

Omnie developed a web application, based on Struts 1.2 framework (an open source framework that makes building of the web applications easier based on the java Servlet and JavaServer pages technologies) with user friendly UI’s ( User Interface) enabling customers with much convenient procedure for subscription - registration, activation and other value addition on Voice – to – Text application.

Omnie built the web application, allowed subscriber’s voice mails to automatically convert to text messages and deliver via SMS or MMS as .wav file or .mp3 via email. The transcribed SMS also had a ‘click-to-call’ number embedded that enabled that enabled subscriber to initiate a direct call to that particular voicemails. Omnie designed, developed and delivered the project in just two months to the client.

About the Client

The company is a global leader in value-added communication solutions for service providers. The company creates innovative solutions to solve communication problems in novel ways. They offer full suite of communications solutions for converged messaging (voicemail, video mail, visual voicemail, unified messaging), notification & alerts (missed call notification, emergency notification), unified conferencing (video conferencing, data collaboration) and virtual communication (virtual subscriber, second-line mobile) enabling service providers/ carriers to increase revenue, reduce churn and expand their market share with value-added applications.

They currently have more than 2,000 deployments at wireline, wireless, and broadband service providers in more than 75 countries.