News / Noida, February 22nd 2022

Omnie Solutions Introduced COVID-19 Policies to Maintain the Well-being of Team Members

As an endeavour to support the team members during the unprecedented times of Coronavirus, Omnie Solutions announced multiple policies that aimed at helping the team members work seamlessly, efficiently, and most importantly healthily as a part of the “Employee Assistance Program”

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work. It has resulted in a sense of unease everywhere because everything was new for us. Besides the technical adjustments and the new work from home culture, people struggled with childcare responsibilities, lack of medical facilities, stress, or maybe grief.

In response to these unfavourable circumstances, Omnie Solutions decided to address the common problems that many team members are most likely to face in such difficult times by introducing various policies which are focused on reducing stress on everyone and increasing flexibility while working from home.

Following are the employee assistance policies:

  • Laptop/Desktop Subsidy Policy: Contributing a maximum of up to 50% in the total amount for purchasing a new Laptop/Desktop.
  • 4 Days Work-Week Policy: 4 days a week in any one week during the month for better work-life balance and flexibility.
  • Free Online Doctor Consultation: Access to free “Online Doctor Consultation” by a renowned Mumbai-based medical practitioner - Dr. Ajay Digrajkar, for the team members and their immediate family members. The advice from trusted medical experts helped everyone to make better and well-informed decisions on getting vaccinated, build strong immunity, Post-COVID recovery, post-vaccination measures, stress management etc.
  • Increment in Night-Shift Allowance: The team members working in night shift/time provided with a revised hike.
  • Oxygen Concentrators and Fabiflu 400mg: Favipiravir Tablets (antiviral medication) were arranged for the team members and their immediate family if required.

Even in the most uncertain of times, we have been heavily invested in supporting the team members not just to work effectively, but also to mitigate anxiety and keep mental health in check. Your health and safety are always first and foremost in our minds.

Now, as things are getting back to normal, we hope that all the concrete steps taken by us have been beneficial for our valuable team members to work easily and come out of these trying times stronger and healthier!

You will always be our Number #1 priority. Glad we have passed this storm together!