News / 23rd September 2019

Omnie Solutions Continues Supporting Its “Go Green” Mission with Two New Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

To continue their mission of making the environment Greener, Cleaner, and Clearer, Omnie Solutions recently planted more than 150 trees in Noida and even bought an electric car as a part of their “Go Green” initiative.

Besides being a renowned company in the IT industry with over 17 years of experience, Omnie has always been involved in many social activities with the aim of creating positive societal changes. Driven by a passion to make the Earth a better and healthier place to live, Omnie’s “Go Green” initiative is yet another addition to causes they support.

Most of us are aware of the rapid changes in climate that have been damaging our fragile ecosystem. Planting trees is one of Omnie’s ways to decrease the negative impacts of climate change and protect Mother Earth. Keeping that in mind, Omnie Solutions’ tree planting has brought several benefits to the community and environment, such as providing a one of a kind source of fresh fruits, as well as improving air quality and reducing ozone levels.

Apart from this remarkable step to save the environment from destruction, Omnie has also purchased an electric car. The negative effects of the carbon emissions released from vehicles is the number one contributor to the world’s pollution, which has a direct impact on both human and the environment’s health. To combat this, Omnie has bought an electric car that does not release any hazardous fumes, thereby decreasing environmental pollution. Omnie uses this electric car as a main source of commuting for their employees, as well as to help with logistical-related work.

Omnie inspires people to actively participate in such initiatives that make positive changes in the environment and contribute to improving human health. Not only is it advisable to plant as many trees as possible to increase oxygen levels, but also to increase the usage of public transportation in order to reduce levels of harmful toxins emitted by cars and bikes.

Let’s be more caring and conscious by supporting a “Go Green” mission and implementing solutions to fight environmental crises.