New Tech

Creating the future

From ideation to realization, Omnie helps you create the future with a collaborative approach in new tech prototyping. Have an idea? We believe in execution without limitations, creating technology where it has not existed before. With creative ingenuity, hands-on experience, systematic monitoring and evaluation and structured quality assessment – we strive and attain the highest degree of quality product execution to help you achieve your vision.

Ideation to Realization


Transforming Ideas into Tangible and Real solutions

We work towards transforming your idea into something tangible and real. By creating a prototype, our team tests and refines the functionality of your design. Creating prototypes requires creative and innovative exploration- something that Omnie specializes in. In Omnie, we do our research and consider new and emerging technologies. New tech prototyping uses our untapped creative ability to explore all the possibilities that are on the market.