Mobile Application
Planning & Development

Smart enterprising at your fingertips – strategy conceptualized for mobility

The world has gone mobile, and businesses and consumers alike are migrating to the device that is always at their fingertips – their mobile phone. By Integrating tools and technology of all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows), we strategize, plan and adapt to develop mobile applications that are built to support your critical business applications and consumer engagement.

Multi-Platform Application Development Lifecycle

  • Requirement Gathering
    / Analysis

    Rough Draft, Wireframes,
    Scope Document

  • Design

    UI Design,
    Functional Design

  • Development

    Waterfall / Agile Development
    Functional Development
    Unit Testing

  • Testing

    UI Testing, UX Testing
    UAT Testing

  • Launch / Maintanence

    Launch, Load Testing


Mobile services are the natural evolution of business success in an era of smart technology

Looking towards the future, we recognize the growing market and consumer demand for smart technology. Mobile applications are the ideal platform to reach and network with our generation’s growing consumption of data and utility on the go. With innovative planning and development, your business can tap into that growing market, launching your business ahead of competitors with a strategy built for today and the future.

Mobile application development platforms

We have expertise in developing multi-device mobile applications that are robust, secure, easy to navigate and cost effective. Primary platform experience includes:

Delivering Cutting Edge, Interactive Mobile Apps

At Omnie, we design and develop flexible yet simple enterprise mobile web applications by integrating our global experience, design capabilities and technical knowledge to address your most complex business requirements. We have expertise in developing multi-device mobile applications which are robust, secure, easy to navigate and cost effective.

Our applications are designed to save effort, time and money. This in turn, helps to improve business acumen through comprehensive and customized mobile applications. Our expert team ensures that we use the best technology for the applications developed, keeping in mind cross platform standards. As a result, the final solution provided is innovative and provides an exceptional user experience.