Migration &

Get refreshed with easy-to-manage platform migration and re-engineering

New business objectives? We can help you achieve them. Whether you’re ready to launch an entirely new system or just require some re-engineering to meet your goals, Omnie provides the tech team expertise to make your transition smooth and seamless. By identifying potential technical enhancements, we leverage a synthesized strategy to recreate legacy applications into a robust, modern and a fight-free system.

Migrating Legacy Systems to New Tech Platforms

  • 01
    Scale up to handle more volume
  • 02
    Improve Performance
  • 03
    Increase Resource Utilization
  • 04
    Improve Usability


Systems rejuvenated with an easier interface

Finding a balance of maintaining a company’s internal legacy while upgrading entire systems into a streamlined machine, Omnie delivers migration and engineering for critical business touch points. If your system is outdated or no longer supporting key functions, many common struggles may include:

  • Restricted flexibility
  • Costly maintenance of the legacy system
  • No proper support or guidance

At Omnie, our synthesized strategy enables you to re-create your system as the lean, mean machine it needs to be in order to get the job done. With a structured process and methodology, we examine your current system, analyze the technical gaps and design a step-by-step framework for a seamless migration. Avoid interruptions in your day-to-day with the added benefit of guidance and training from Omnie to help your team understand each aspect of the changes implemented.

Training sessions include:

  • Migration of applications
  • Migration across operating systems
  • Application servers
  • Databases and technology
  • Re-building applications
  • Framework and platform integration
  • Enhancements and modernization