Collecting information for a deeper awareness

Launch your business forward through intelligent data and consulting with industry experts. Knowledge is power, and understanding the importance that gathered information can help you reach unprecedented growth. Driving innovation across the organization from custodians to executives, our vast experience and strong sourcing engine work hard to manage your resource requirements.

Knowledge Work

  • Thinking Skils
  • Communication
  • Teamwork &
  • Learning/
  • Technology
  • Ethics and
  • Personal


Human capabilities multiplied with experience, expertise and innovative minds

As specialists in information technology and knowledge augmentation, we provide resources including skills and technical capabilities that can be leveraged for your business results. Almost every organization faces challenges in managing critical information and delivering projects on time – some of the most critical including:

  • Stretching a limited budget and resources
  • Completing projects in a short time span
  • Having the unique skill sets required for a unique project
  • Creating the most innovative approach and concept

We align our knowledge with your business goals to address these concerns, and we partner with you for the most powerful results. Together, we formulate solutions for resource augmentation and map them to your requirements for consistent business growth.

The Omnie resource augmentation model offers the following key benefits:

  • Knowledge-based solutions
  • Flexible, skilled workforce
  • Strategies built to increase ROI
  • Timely knowledge delivery and action
  • Resource optimization
  • Optimized work culture
  • Elimination of unnecessary activities