Connected devices and Go-Programming (GO)

The age of the ‘object-without-Wifi’ is over, and the Internet of Things is now all-encompassing. Connected networks of appliances and devices embedded with advanced technologies in our homes, at our offices and on our commutes are the essential next stage of technological evolution.


Applications of IoT

  • Home Automation
  • Media
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Transportation

Leveraging Go-Programming for smarter results

The Internet of Things is a new world to navigate for developers and engineers. Go is clean and expressive. It makes it easy to build simple and efficient software and make the most out of networked machines, appliances and objects. Code for the connected tomorrow.


Seamless communication between all business applications

Due to Go’s consistent behavior, the output commands can run almost anywhere, creating a consistent response across a variety of applications. This is one reason why it becomes so relative to IoT, as it’s important for many applications to work together as a unit.

Go also has adapted to this generation’s need for speed, executing far more efficiently than previous executed languages, in close competition with JavaScript. The Internet of things is a rapidly growing segment in the market, creating a modern world of technology meeting mankind, and Go-Language may just be the channel to take us there.


Highlights & Benefits

  • Improved operational processes
  • Increased safety and security
  • Seamless communication
  • Smooth system device syncing and platform integration
  • Advanced relevancy in the current business landscape
  • Real-time data generation
  • Faster decision making
  • Cost benefits

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