News / 16th August 2013

Omnie Solutions Implements Asia's First 3D Digital Sand Model Solution

Border Security Force in alliance with Omnie Solutions implements a unique innovative digital solution for planning mission critical activities and monitoring the country borders on a 3 Dimensional Digital platform.

The augmented, virtualized 3D visual solution, first of its kind in Asia went live on August 16th 2013.

As a strategy towards enhanced border monitoring management system and real-time planning experience, a pilot project was completed to address planning, plotting and monitoring of the borders by creating event simulation. This solution called “3D Digital Sand Model Solution”, transforms the use of legacy sand model to a dynamic 3D Data Information System with Geo location traceability.

This solution involved the conversion of the data and objects from a static physical sand model to dynamic 3D Data Information System. The Enterprise web application, hosted on premises caters to the management of the information. BSF can now plot areas and incidents with data and also analyze them. The solution also allows plotting real time situations, helps in calculation, estimation and 360° visualization of the terrain, area and objects.

A major objective was to visualize the entire planning activity in 3D format so that it could foster quick and informed decision making. For this Omnie Solutions used the revolutionary 3D Passive LED Technology. A 3D video wall was built to create the 3D augmentation. Actual, Rich and real displays from the application graphics were enhanced and relayed to a high definition large videowall.

With this solution in place today the BSF can observe, monitor, plan and act on the territorial conjugative assets remotely. The first of its kind solution is a great game changer as it kills the lag time in information exchange, can simulate events of the past, create an entire story, associate and capture critical data and produce intelligent reports.

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