Multi lingual, simple and streamlined solutions

Our web-based CMS makes publishing, organizing and making changes to your online content hassle-free. An easy-to-use central interface for teams across your business, despite the amount of information and the plethora of separate groups accessing it.

Our Work

A portfolio of leading businesses around the world

Omnie has provided application development services for some of the world’s most impressive businesses, including the 7th fastest growing business-consulting firm, providing financial services in the United States to develop a fully customized wealth management system that efficiently handles the tax credit process of the U.S.


Innovative content management systems incorporating the latest trends

Our Content Management System serves as an invaluable tool for businesses allowing multiple users with different permission levels the access to a centralized, informative tool having capabilities to manage content, data or information.

Benefits of Content Management Systems

  • Streamlined scheduling
  • Scalable functionalities
  • Smooth deployment and user friendliness
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Secure systems

Innovative Development

Our expertise in technology is highlighted by our innovative content management system and rapid web development platform. We invest heavily in R&D in order to extend our arsenal; that way, we always keep ahead of the game. We are always in the know. Our teams monitor every detail of our projects, to ensure the websites meet your business goals and offer a highly functional user experience.