Intelligent Design & Technology for Tomorrow

The AI revolution has been underway for some time now and it’s only set to pick up pace. There’s huge potential for artificial intelligence to transform your business at every single touch point. All the way from production and the supply chain to enriched user experiences and conversations with your customers. Make sure you stay ahead of the game. It’s not going to slow down.

Types of AI

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    Activity recognition: detects motion

    Technologies that can pick up and respond to movement move you closer to your user. Build intuitive, intelligent devices with the power to create new connections.

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    Face recognition: identifies individuals through facial features

    Faces are the new names when it comes to recognising your customers. Build systems and applications to identify your users.

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    Image recognition: analyzes images for face and text recognition

    Image recognition is the future of search. Create totally seamless experiences for your user through automated visual analysis.

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    Sentiment analysis: analyzes and understands human emotion

    There's no data as meaningful as human emotion. Track your users with real-life responses through automated sentiment analysis.

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    Behavior Analysis: analyzes and understands human behavior

    Instead of setting pre conceived notions about user behavior, leverage reactive intelligence and adaptability to solve problems.

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    Automation: automates tasks and processes

    Boost productivity and grow your business by automating your marketing efforts through machine learning.

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    Natural language processing: recognizes, interprets, translates and synthesizes human speech

    Voice technologies are the most natural and intuitive interface ever developed. Build totally seamless and integrated experiences for your user.


Human intelligence partnered with technology

At Omnie, we believe in the undeniable future of AI integrated more and more deeply with human intelligence, decision-making and daily functions for consumers and businesses alike. Rather than reacting to the evolution of our time, we evolve simultaneously, adapting to the future at hand.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Understand consumers or clients
  • Make smarter complex business decisions
  • Provide personalized services
  • Gain knowledge through data analysis
  • Expand your reach
  • Increase Automation
  • Enhance Efficiency And Throughput

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