News / 1st August 2013

The Next Generation Of Technology Endorsed 3D Augmentation Has Made Its Way Into The Asia

Omnie Solutions announces its latest innovation in simulation, planning, monitoring and enhanced forecasting.

The Solution christened “3D Digital Sand Model Solution” is a unique web solution which delivers a 3 dimensional augmentation to assist users in mission critical planning and event simulation. This solution is Asia’s first technology endorsed 3D Visual Augmentation Solution.

The solution is focused at situation, resource planning and data analysis, which is driven by geo location identification. The solution allows the user to select and place 3D objects from assets library within the solution to replicate an event and hence creating a 3D visual simulation. The Solution can help in calculation, estimation and 360° visualization of the terrain, area and desired objects. This is coupled with Data Integration from various sources into the system. The built in Intelligent Business Reports are comprehensive, capturing historical data and can be used for prediction and strategic planning. Each report can be drilled down to granular level of information.

The web based enterprise application is the core of the Solution can be hosted in a cloud based environment or on premises and is By providing a layer of security it ensures only authorized users to access the critical data. The solution output is a 3 dimensional visual. In order to achieve better conceptualization and accurate planning a 65 inch High Definition 3D Digital Screen can be used for small simulation rooms; in case the room is bigger the screen can also be tiled up to 200 inches video wall (4x4 grid).

Omnie Solutions plans the next release of the product by December 2013. This release will include gesture control and touch to further increase augmentation and user experience. It also plans to include more unique 3D objects in the library and tools to measure and create more realistic scenarios.