News / 10th March 2014

3D Digital Sand Model Solution: Now with Enhanced Capabilities

Plan, Strategize and monitor the entire area with a preinstalled 3D digital assets in the terrain.

An innovative and a next generation solution designed for Armed Forces and Paramilitary. The solution is a cross over from the traditional Sand Model and GIS solution. This unique solution provides high amount of Intel using the available data.

Using Google Earth as the primary geo referencing layer, using 3D rigging of real objects we have created the physical-static sand model to dynamic 3D Data Information System. Enterprise web application, hosted on premises caters to the Management of the Information and assets placed digitally along the geo referenced layer.

Today the solution has a repository of hundreds of unique objects like human characters in different dress, buildings, monuments, civil infrastructure, vehicles, weapons and many more objects. With a focused on situation planning, resource planning and data analysis, all these activities can be plotted on the system using the 3D objects from assets library. Stories can be created with a user friend interface to replicate an event and hence creating a 3D visual simulation.

There are built in Intelligent Business Reports which are comprehensive, capturing historical data for each and every asset in the solution and can be used for prediction and strategic planning. Each report can be drilled down to granular level of information.

The Solution can help in calculation, estimation and 360° visualization of the terrain, area and desired objects. This is coupled with Data Integration from various sources into the system acts as a very intelligent simulator.