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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Application Development

Simplified Consumer User Interface

Over the past few years, Microsoft SharePoint has strengthened its market awareness and experienced a rapid rate of adoption within the software industry. As the number of companies embracing SharePoint increases, significant developments have occurred.

Microsoft SharePoint enterprise 2010 offers a full-featured business collaboration platform that is scalable for all the enterprises. It also provides a platform for robust Content Management Solutions (CMS). This equips enterprises with the following advantages:

  • The ability to upgrade and implement intranet architecture & design
  • Custom portal designing and branding
  • Content strategy
  • Custom web part library
  • Custom workflows
  • Social Network Creation
  • Document Management
  • Dashboards with integration and backend systems
  • Migration from google site to SharePoint site
  • BPOS/SharePoint Online Services

The new features and architecture of SharePoint 2010 enterprise will assist businesses towards the solutions which are technology-enabled, yet simplified for their industry. These enterprise solutions will solve growing demands for a new world of business-knowledge transfer, provide support for the next-generation workforce, engage customers and have a centrally managed enterprise platform.

Enterprises no longer need to request a scalable solution in order to integrate their previous CMS platform into their new one. This is because SharePoint 2010 enterprise has also launched revolutionary features for easy integration and migration. While developing a CMS for the enterprises now the SharePoint 2010 developer can conquer the following integrations:

  • Silverlight web part
  • Central administration
  • Multiple browser support
  • New user interface including new ribbon
  • Business connectivity services
  • Develop technology which can be centrally managed and deployed to multiple sites
  • Baseline acceleration which helps in the faster development

Why choose Omnie as your Enterprise Web Solution Partner?

Being the Gold Microsoft Partner for Content Management Solutions, Omnie continuously strives for perfection and innovative conceptualizations. With over a decade of expertise with enterprise solution governance, Omnie has served some of the most prominent global brands. Omnie’s areas of expertise, with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as an Enterprise Content Management system for public facing sites, include:

  • Architecture Planning and Design: Designed and Architected Corporate public facing sites and e-commerce sites
  • Site planning, Customization and Strategy
  • Built custom web parts Library
  • Customer User Interface
  • Integration with third party or backend solutions
  • Integration with BizTalk server & commerce server
  • Branding by customizing master page design templates

For more information about the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 custom development vertical, please send us your enquiry. Someone from our dedicated team will be in touch with you shortly.

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