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Server-Side Technologies

Server side technologies are web server technologies in which a user's request is verified by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic web pages. It provides interactive websites that interface with databases or other data stores meeting the dynamic content needs for sophisticated user interaction ( search engines, shopping carts), content changes, web gateways to data based applications ( price of products , online tickets reservations)


PHP is the most popular open-source server-side language. It is a simple set of utilities that provide users access to their server logs and processed online forms and has evolved into a sophisticated technology which drives dynamic websites.


ASP (often referred to as Classic ASP) is Microsoft's original server-side technology.Various versions of ASP are also designed to run on non-Windows servers.


CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a specification of communication between Web server and external programs which is applied on different applications. It allows external programs to be written in any programming languages (UNIX shell scripts, Pearl Scripts, C Programs and C++ Programs)

Omnie uses Server-Side Technology to:
  • Build web pages with HTML
  • Serve data to a Rich Internet application (RIA)
  • Process user input or update the contents of a database
  • Ease the communications at the corporate level
  • Improve sharing of Data and file with Intranet framework
  • Creates e-store for online ordering and order mapping