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Real Time Monitoring System June 2014

Omnie Solutions has conceptualized an innovation for real time monitoring of a periphery area. The recently acquired unmanned Aerial Devices (UAD) will be integrated with an onboard high resolution camera to provide real time video representation of the defined area. The device carries an extremely high quality camera and a 4GB micro SD card. It will shoot full HD video for clean slow motion and can take 14 megapixel still shots.View Detail

3D Digital Sand Model Solution: Now with Enhanced Capabilities March 2014

An innovative and a next generation solution designed for Armed Forces and Paramilitary. The solution is a cross over from the traditional Sand Model and GIS solution. This unique solution provides high amount of Intel using the available data.View Detail

Daily Information Tracking System now can profile based on facial recognition January 2014

Omnie Solutions is glad to announce addition of new features to the existing DITS solution which was earlier launched in June 2012.View Detail

Omnie Solutions Implements Asia's First 3D Digital Sand Model Solution August 2013

Border Security Force in alliance with Omnie Solutions implements a unique innovative digital solution for planning mission critical activities and monitoring the country borders on a 3 Dimensional Digital platform. The augmented, virtualized 3D visual solution, first of its kind in Asia went live on August 16th 2013.View Detail

The Next Generation Of Technology Endorsed 3D Augmentation Has Made Its Way Into The Asia August 2013

Omnie Solutions announces its latest innovation in simulation, planning, monitoring and enhanced forecasting. The Solution christened “3D Digital Sand Model Solution” is a unique web solution which delivers a 3 dimensional augmentation to assist users in mission critical planning and event simulation. This solution is Asia’s first technology endorsed 3D Visual Augmentation Solution.View Detail

Omnie Solutions takes a leap forward in strengthening its Mobile Application division by becoming the largest ASL partner for IBM Worklight May 2013

Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. announced its Application Specific License (ASL) partnership with IBM by signing the Worklight Agreement on April 19, 2013. This ASL partnership will provide opportunities to Omnie to develop enterprise mobile application solutions with improved application quality and user authentication using IBM Worklight. View Detail

Experience4U September 2012

Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd designs a "job portal with a difference" Experience4U - a job portal specialized for senior job seekers residing in Switzerland. View Detail

Miquando August 2012

MIQUANDO web solution has been developed keeping in mind service providers and user needs and patterns. The aim is to provide the unique local internet search facilitating online appointment bookings directly with the Service Providers. View Detail

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) July 2012

Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt Limited builds an application to calculate Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for Honkamp Krueger which is a Top 100 CPA and business consulting firm in the U.S. and the second fastest growing firm in the Midwest.View Detail"

Omnie Solutions Successfully Develops & Implements DITS Solution for Police Department June 2012

Omnie Solutions proudly announces the launch of DITS (Daily Information Tracking System) solution for the North Indian Police Department. Aimed at assisting the Police Department prevent crime, the project provides complete automated tools for crime reporting, investigation, prevention, law and order maintenance. View Detail

Omnie develops 2 iPhone Apps for a leading manufacturer of wires and cables
March 2012

Omnie Solutions proudly announces the launch of 2 iPhone apps for North America’s leading manufacturer of wires and cables used in the distribution transmission of electricity.View Detail

Omnie Solutions Celebrated Successful Completion of 10 Years of Excellence January 2012

Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. has very successfully and gloriously completed its first decade in the IT industry and in a very short span of time emerged as a successful software solutions provider. View Detail