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Omnie ventures into interactive marketing by planning and executing digital strategy for Royal Design

September 2009

Omnie announces, it has entered the digital marketing space with Atlanta based jewelry designing company named Royal Design. Royal design is a family owned business based out of Atlanta involved in does designing of jewely and selling in the US and globally. Royal Design with a vision to expand its customer base, commitment towards providing better customer service and view to building a global brand selects Omnie to plan and execute its digital strategy.

Omnie came up with complete digital strategy that encompassed marketing strategy, digital branding strategy, digital /online business modeling. The initiative included Site Design & Development, search marketing (SEO/SEM), direct and performance marketing through e- ecommerce and optimization.

Omnie started with first revamping their website from a static to a dynamic website with real display of their work – jewelries designed. Omnie helped Royal Design add value to their website by establishing a Content Management System at the backend. The Content Management System was developed on .Net platform that helped Royal design members to eliminate manual work of maintaining and managing the content (images, content, adding & edit new products) on the website through themselves.

Completion of design was followed up with activities like promoting their website online. The optimization of website gave remarkable results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helped Royal Design website get recognized by online customer that resulted in heavy traffic coming on their website with 20-25 queries/ leads generated per day. Embedded shopping cart in the website enabled them convert those leads and generated revenues for the organization.

About Royal Design

Royal Design in Atlanta is family owned and operated since 1980. The company had been involved in manufacturing and selling full range of jewelry with a commitment to customer satisfaction as an integral part their company’s growth. Royal design also specialize in custom designing work , a great source of loose diamonds, certified and non-certified with a wide selection of gemstones in various cuts and weights.

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