Migration & Re-engineering

Migration & Re-engineering

Staid systems rejuvenated with easy interface

In today’s fast paced world, there are many new business challenges and demands confronted by the organizations; but maintaining the legacy of the organization is again – critical. There are many challenges faced by the organizations like:

  • Restricted Flexibility
  • Costly maintenance of the expensive legacy system
  • No proper support and proper guidance

At Omnie, our synthesized strategy with best practices enables you re-create your legacy application into a modern, robust & flexible system. With structured process and methodology, we examine your current system, analyze the technical gaps and design a step-by-step framework for smooth migration. We train your team to understand each aspect of the changes implemented to avoid business interruptions. We cover areas such as:

  • Migration of applications, migration across operating systems, application servers, databases and technology.
  • Re-building legacy applications on a new architecture, framework and platform.
  • Enhancements and modernization of applications through up-gradation.

Omnie’s migration and re-engineering provides:

  • Stability and improvement
  • Performance meeting expectations
  • Reduced risks in operations
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Knowledge management
  • Improved productivity and maintenance

Omnie has helped various clients to update their business systems to latest technology platforms, overcoming challenges that require them to update their applications and legacy systems. Contact us to discuss how migration and re-engineering services can be utilized for your organizational needs.