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Microsoft SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management System

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management System is an application for masses (public facing sites). It integrates content management, social computing and search, enhancing user experience and easy adoption.

We have helped organizations to increase productivity, enhance flexibility and improve control with reliability and low cost of ownership. We have expertise and experience in implementing enterprise needs through web application development using .Net framework.

Our expertise on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as an Enterprise Content Management System for Public Facing sites are:

  • Architecture Planning and Design : Designed and Architected Corporate public facing sites and e-Commerce sites
  • Site Planning, Customization and Strategy
  • Built custom Web Parts Library
  • Multi-Lingual Variation Sites
  • Customer User Interface
  • Integration with third party or backend solutions
  • Integration with BizTalk Server & Commerce Server
  • Branding by customizing Master Page Design templates
Our Expertise for Microsoft SharePoint Portal: Intranet solution for enterprise
  • Business requirements, Intranet architecture & design, upgrade and implementation
  • Branding: Custom portal design across sites
  • Content strategy
  • Custom web part library
  • Custom Workflows
  • Social Network Creation
  • Document Management
  • Dashboards with Integration with backend systems
  • Migration from Google Site to SharePoint site
  • BPOS/ SharePoint Online Services

IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM Websphere Portal serves as a set of software tools that enable companies to build and manage web portals. We develop Enterprise Portals using IBM WebSphere Portal Server: Online solution for Multi-Channel, B2B and B2C commerce.

Our expertise in using IBM Websphere Portal Server Solution encompasses:
  • Access control and personalization
  • Application consolidations
  • End-user customization
  • User-friendly interaction
  • Branding and communicating across different channels (mobile phones, social sites and emails)
  • Providing a standard development framework
  • Multi-system integration (Enterprise Application & Open Source) and Web Analytics Integration
  • Development of Content Management System
  • Community support (Lotus Connections, Lotus Quicker)
  • Scalability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Oracle's Siebel CRM helps organizations achieve significant growth maximizing top-and bottom-lines. It manages all customer facing operations through delivery of combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features.

Omnie, with strong technical expertise, business understanding and Oracle Gold Partnership specializes in delivering comprehensive on-premise Siebel CRM Applications meeting the unique requirements of businesses. Our dedicated implementation of robust CRM System for any organization encompasses smooth integration with their existing applications that leverages the best aspects of their organization business model. Our consultants, with their extensive industry experience ranging from Communication and High Tech, Finance, Automotive, Biotechnology and Health Care ensures fast implementation and timely achievement of business objectives in a sustainable manner for continued long-term growth.

Our superior technical expertise spans across diverse areas like enhancing User Interface, Business Process Automation & Integration, and underlying Database along with equivalent capability of establishing Siebel CRM system from scratch or overhauling and enhancing an existing Implementation. Our technical expertise in Siebel encompasses the following:

  • Siebel Application Configuration and Administration
  • Siebel Business Process Automation and Data Cleansing
  • Complex Integrations with Enterprise Applications, Legacy Systems and Customer Web Portals
  • Computer Telephony Integration, Email and Chat Integration
  • Siebel Wireless Implementation for Mobile Platforms
  • Siebel Order Management
  • Siebel Upgrades
  • Smart and Intuitive Custom UI (User Interface) for Employee and Customer Applications

Omnie' s dedicated Center of Innovation for Siebel (OCIS) works incessantly to enhance the client's experience while working with Siebel CRM. At OCIS, we work on the following:


The most common misconception about Siebel CRM Suite is that organizations have to tailor their business according to the system. We do not think in these terms. We sit with you to understand your business processes thoroughly. We put our diverse industry experience in mapping your business requirements seamlessly with the Siebel system ensuring smooth functioning of CRM application.

Solution Design

Solution design being the building block of any Siebel Implementation Lifecycle, we pay extra attention to this step. Starting with understanding your IT architecture and checking its fitment with Siebel CRM system, we meticulously gauge its interoperability with your existing applications - legacy system for master data, your existing enterprise applications or your customer web portals, prepare initial design documents considering requirements and knowledge gathered and seek constant feedback to ensure final draft covers all your requirements in compliance to your business needs.

The second part of this phase involves preparing the technical design. Our can-do attitude and quest for excellence drives our approach towards designing a robust, efficient, highly intuitive system that adheres to high quality standards. We perform Proofs of Concepts to ensure feasibility of the solution and document details of the actual system. Our team reviews these documents several times to ensure that we stay on course providing a solutions with maximum benefits.


We start the implementation after the successful completion of the previous steps, considering the requirements according to the technical designs and perform unit testing. On the completion of a module, we test its interoperability with the existing modules to ensure smooth operation when put together.

We adhere strictly to the standards in building the application. We perform a strict review regime to iron out even the smallest potential glitches in the code. With multiple levels of reviews we ensure minimum leakage of bugs into the next phase.

Quality Assurance

High quality deliverables can only be assured if it clears the industry benchmarks and even surpasses them. Our objective for quality is not merely restricted to matching standards but to create new ones. We ensure, by virtue of our meticulous approach in all preceding phases, our deliverables perform consistently in each stage of testing viz., Unit testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing etc.

Performance Tuning

An application that does not perform adds to the cost overhead of any organization hence decreasing satisfaction levels of customers.

There may be different factors which can cause performance degradation. A design flaw, an unprecedented growth in data over time, or simply some inefficient configuration of your Siebel CRM system can be the cause of your application's poor performance. We dig deep into your Siebel implementation to find any existing or potential threats to performance and solve them with a holistic approach taking care of your existing implementations, technical dependencies and system interoperability.

End User Training

Comprehensive user training to the end users of your Siebel system can help you drastically improve their performance. Siebel Applications offer tips and tricks to drastically cut down turnaround time which in turn increases the output.

We engage in training activities according to the client's needs. We offer a detailed Train the Trainer program, as well as end user tutorials directly. We prepare comprehensive user manuals for your system which offer a complete package for the end users to greatly enhance their Siebel experience. Communication regarding Siebel systems are critical and we assure seamless transition.

Maintenance and Support

Omnie provides ongoing support to your existing Siebel Implementation which involves minor or major enhancements to your existing business processes, quick resolution to a system bug, performance enhancements, and executing & monitoring routine system tasks in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We examine your existing implementations and provide solutions to leverage your existing business processes.

The support team we offer assures a positive user experience for the organizations.