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Today’s mobile space is filled with multiple device manufacturers, serving on multiple mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Blackberry. Consequently it has become a nightmare for marketing and business teams to manage information distribution. With more and more enterprises trying to reach their end user through mobile applications, the demand in the market has become huge, and there is a continuous increase in demand for mobile applications. It is however difficult, and expensive, to create apps on different platforms, as well as fulfill the needs of the enterprises. There is a genuine requirement for a podium which can facilitate developers to work on only one single platform to innovative and cross platform mobile applications.

Cross platform mobile application development was launched to serve this objective. It can be used for different operating systems, while using the same code, with minimum effort from the developer. The advantages of platform mobile application development are:

  • Cross platform technology eliminates the technical barrier
  • Supports all the major OS such as Blackberry, Android and IOS.
  • Single code building for all platforms
  • Reduced effort in the development department
  • Apps can be created with latest HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Support for enterprise and cloud services

In comparison with individual application development, cross platform mobile development is cost-effective, labor-effective and the turnaround time to reach the market is reduced, making it time-effective. It also boasts high security features, and comes with an easy to manage console.

All major business verticals will be able to create their enterprise mobile apps using cross platform. The following are some of the main categories which would benefit from this;

  • Health care/Life sciences
  • Consumer products/retails
  • Financial services/commerce
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Education
  • News & Media

IBM Worklight and PhoneGap are two platforms which work very well with multi device mobile application development. They have both taken a leap in the market by providing multi device mobile applications which are innovative and very user friendly. These two technologies have their own specific advantages and individual features. For example, IBM Worklight, the premier cross mobile application development platform by IBM, incorporates a new standard based technology, which eliminates the requirement of code translation and unpopular scripted language.

Why Choose Omnie As Your Enterprise Mobile Solution Partner?

Omnie Solution is the largest ASL partner for IBM Worklight in North America. Our global experience and international exposure facilitates the development of innovative and well conceptualized applications for your enterprise. All solutions provided by Omnie for your enterprise, are guaranteed to be:

  • Cost effective
  • Have a fast turnaround time
  • Well conceptualized and innovative
  • Robust and with less maintenance requirements
  • User-friendly with cross platform accessibility
  • A sustainable system with scalability

For more information on our cross platform mobile application development services, please send us your enquiry. Someone from our dedicated team will get back to you shortly.

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