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Microsoft Commerce Server 2009

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 is a comprehensive solution for online consumers in different scenarios (B2B), B2C and multi-channel. It helps to build ecommerce platforms which have the power and flexibility to deliver an unparalleled online shopping experience while managing multiple channels.

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online sales and delivery of merchandise
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) scenarios, e-procurement and trading communities
  • Multiple channels, combining Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B)
  • Self-service portals using catalogs, profiles, or content targeting for personalized information delivery
Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 helps in setting a contemporary website that allows businesses to get their stores live and a faster movement of merchandise. It helps organizations meet:
  • Reduced costs in website development and deployment ( new pre built features , ability to quickly create micro sites , Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Bing Maps, and Windows Live)
  • Customized user experience (easy website management , enhanced features & access , advanced analytics and reporting)
  • Greater Reach, Better Shopping Experience (personalized shopping experience)
  • Support and Extensibility (seamless integration with ERP , CRM ,Supply Chain Management software, security)

Omnie 's capabilities extend in delivering various projects across verticals with Microsoft Server 2009 foundation. We have expertise in delivering highly customized enterprise-level e-Commerce portals, configuration and setup support for various e-Stores using Microsoft Commerce Server features.

Our Microsoft Commerce Server offering covers:
  • Consulting
  • Deployment (Project Management & technical assistance)
  • Development and customization
  • Enterprise Integrations (Commerce Server and third party systems)
  • Change Management
  • Design (User Interface), configuration and customization
  • Business analysis and reporting


Omnie has worked with a global group, holding various brands of consumer & commercial products:
  • Designed and developed seven e-Commerce portal for different brands in the group
  • Integration with web content management system on Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Integrated of BizTalk , Commerce Server 2009
  • Seamless integration was ensured with their established ERP system ( SAP), Logistics ( FedEx)
  • Integration with 3rd Party solution – Sales Tax( Vertex and Avatex)
  • Integration with Online payment gateways ( PayPal and Paymentech), fraudulent check solution ( Kount)

Magento eCommerce:

Magento eCommerce is (open source) a platform that provides scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. It offers customers complete control over presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Magento provides robust, powerful and flexible e-Commerce platforms which enable large- scale online stores. It helps businesses to increase control, enhance ROI, and promote growth through.

  • Highly customized e-Commerce portal/ website.
  • Integrates with your business operations and applications
  • Includes targeted marketing tools, superior search capabilities, call center functionality and the flexibility to create a site that caters customers' specific buying habits.
Our Magento e-Commerce Server offering includes:
  • Consulting
  • Deployment (Project Management & technical assistance)
  • End to end Development and customization
  • Design (User Interface), configuration and customization
  • Enterprise Integrations (Commerce Server and third party systems)
  • Performance optimization
  • Business analysis and reporting

Custom made eCommerce solutions using .Net & J2EE platform

Omnie has expertise in designing e-commerce solutions empowering organizations of all sizes to attract and retain new customers using the internet. We help integrate online strategies with traditional sales efforts to ensure a smooth transition into e-Commerce. Our comprehensive solutions support secure online sales systems together with product catalogs, product configurations, online ordering and inventory management.

Our consulting services and strategies help businesses to market both on and off line more efficiently. We help businesses quickly manage, analyze and take action on time-sensitive data. We meet the broad spectrum of e-Commerce lifecycle needs with:

  • Exceptional project management
  • Outstanding analytical design
  • Development and testing skills
  • Setting up e-Commerce content management systems
  • Integrations with third party software ( seamless integration of payment gateways )
  • Analysis and reporting

We focus on people and business problems to make processes more effective and productive for employees, partners, suppliers and consumers. We build customer specific e-commerce solutions using .Net & J2EE (Java) platform.

IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM Websphere Portal serves as a set of software tools which enables companies to build and manage web portals. We develop Enterprise Portals using IBM Websphere Portal Server : Online solution for Multi-Channel, B2B and B2C commerce.

Our expertise in using IBM Websphere Portal Server Solution expands in,
  • Access control and personalization
  • Applications Consolidations
  • End-user customization
  • User-friendly interaction
  • Branding and communicating across different channels (mobile phones, social sites and emails)
  • Developing a standard development framework
  • Multi-system integration (Enterprise Application & Open Source) and Web analytics Integration
  • Content management
  • Community support (Lotus Connections, Lotus Quicker)


SXC is one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the United States & a leader in delivering an innovative mix of market expertise, information technology, and clinical capability, scale of operations, mail order and specialty pharmacy offerings.

It's vision is to transform their product offerings from a traditional non- flexible solutions and services to scalable, cost- effective solutions processing services and application services for various pharmaceutical supply chains giants such as pharmacy benefit managers, managed care organizations, self-insured employer groups, retail pharmacy chains, and state and federal government entities.

Omnie diligently worked with the SXC team and designed, build and delivered:
  • Web Content Management System: Omnie helped SXC improve their documents management and establish a cohesive brand through a content management system.
  • Intranet Portal: Omnie has developed a flexible and scalable Intranet portal integrated with Lotus connection, Lotus Quicker and Sterling Integrator which is easy to use and enables efficient information flow across the organization.
  • Websites: Omnie has designed and developed the corporate website along with websites of their solution and services offerings has helped SXC further establish its brand name and differentiated them from their competitors.
  • Internet Portal: Omnie designed and developed both B2B and B2C Internet portals that act as info centers for their clients. We have also created a internet portal for their prospects which is customized for every prospect & includes their personalized information.