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Application Development Platform & Frameworks

Software frameworks designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services are popularly known as Application Development Frameworks. They simplify web application development by providing technology infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience.

Microsoft .Net Framework (Multi-tier enterprise applications)

Dot Net Framework runs primarily on Microsoft Windows, contains large libraries & supports several programming languages ( or C# etc). Created by Microsoft as a development platform; it is focused on Rapid Application Development (RAD) for both desktop and web enterprise applications.

Omnie makes use of Microsoft .Net framework to build multi-tier web enterprise applications involving a comprehensive and consistent programming model. We solve specific business problems and develop visually stunning user experiences with seamless and secure communication.

Our team of Microsoft certified consultants have implemented complex solutions for organizations in several verticals like Healthcare, Financial Services and Consumer Products across the globe. Omnie 's technical knowledge is further supported by the Gold Microsoft Partnership which helps our consultants remain updated on the latest products and technologies from Microsoft.

Consulting, knowledge and expertise on business critical enterprise application development on .Net Framework (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) using ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Web Application Development – Internet and Intranet Applications is our forte. Our development and deployment methodology helps customers achieve an increased Return on Investment.

Omnie 's capabilities on .Net framework include:
  • Developing multi- tier applications ( High- end Client - Server and Enterprise Application ).
  • Web application development on .Net 4.0 framework.
  • Web Services based .NET Application Development.
  • Windows and Desktop Application Development.
  • Applications Migration to .NET framework.
  • MVC Architecture Design.
  • Microsoft® ADO.NET Entity Framework.


Flex is a dominant and powerful, Open Source Application Framework which allows us to build web, stand-alone and mobile applications for iOS, Android™, and BlackBerry® Tablet OS devices using the same programming model, tool, and codebase. It also has an enterprise class programming model, end to end tooling capabilities (Adobe® Flash® Builder® software, an enterprise-class Eclipse™ based IDE) and uncompromised cross – platform supporting ability to have a consistent native experience.

Omnie has the expertise in working on Flex technology that also supports various server integrations at the back-end with Java™, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby, .NET; using industry standards such as REST, SOAP, JSON, JMS, and AMF.


PowerBuilder is one of the easiest, fastest, and most commercially viable business application development tools for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. It is the most revolutionary, unique and proven technology that keeps in synch with latest functionalities and visual user interface advances.

  • Data window technology abstracts the complexity of data access, data manipulation, sorting, filtering data presentation and enabling developers to apply custom business logics with minimal script accelerating speed.
  • Supports .Net based solutions through .Net Common Type Systems (CTS).
  • Helps to create applications on desktops, Web, RIA (Rich Internet Applications).
  • Supports open database from Sybase, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

Omnie' s expertise in PowerBuilder includes Enterprise Application Development, Maintenance, Up-gradation and Support.


We are working with one of the largest privately held healthcare benefits manager in the USA whose requirement was a robust system to handle a large number of clients' (300+) – pharmacies' operational activities, which was not supported by their existing system. The system required enhancement and regular upgrades to accommodate new changes in reporting layouts, claim submissions, control substance reporting and many more.

  • Omnie used Waterfall Methodology for this project.
  • Worked on technologies like PowerBuilder 10.2, 12.5, Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0.

The up-gradation of the system has improved the organization's day to day operations helping them to stabilize the application.

Java2 Platform – Enterprise Edition J2EE

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is defined as the standard for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. J2EE platform takes advantage of many features of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), JDBC API for database access, CORBA technology for interaction with existing enterprise resources, and a security model that protects data even in Internet Applications. Built on this base, Java 2 Platform also adds full support on JavaBeans components, Java Servlets API, Java Server Pages and XML technology.

Omnie uses Java 2 Platform to build a wide range of enterprise application systems, database management systems, transaction monitors and more. J2EE enables the next generation of components, tools, systems, and applications for solving the strategic requirements of the enterprises.

Ruby on Rails

Omnie has the expertise in delivering projects on Ruby on Rails- an open source web framework which helps in developing most prolific web applications across the world.

Ruby on Rails deploys a database server such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, and a web server such as Apache running the Phusion Passenger module.

Omnie 's capabilities span across:
  • Web 2.0 - Application Development in Ruby on Rails.
  • Product Development under SAAS / hosted-solution model.
  • Accelerate existing application.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Windows Azure provides full range of functionality to build applications that span across consumer web to enterprise scenarios. It allows the development and hosting of applications either at the client site(local systems) or on cloud.

Windows Azure Platform is an internet-scale cloud services platform, hosted on Microsoft Data Centers providing an operating system and set of services to be used by developers. The platform helps in hosting /moving business processes and data storage to Microsoft data centers. The Azure Services Platform also supports applications running in the cloud and on local systems.

Windows Azure Platform provides:
  • Scalable computation and storage to user applications and other components of Azure Platform.
  • Automated System Management through role instance monitoring.
  • Connectivity of services via web.
  • Availability of database , connected to the internet gateway.
  • Storage availability through SQL services.
  • .Net Service availability to coordinate with user login credentials and provides providing useful cloud-based infrastructure for distributed applications.
  • Live Services that allows data coordination across various devices and store and manage personalized information.
Microsoft Windows Azure Platform helps organizations:
  • Lower cost and increase efficiency through sustainable maintenance, less infrastructure buying, configuration and support cost.
  • Stay competitive and welcome innovation through focus on delivering compelling software and quickly monetizing new offerings.
  • Become more agile through high speed development capability, inter-operability and simplified deployment of applications.
  • More reliability with SLAs , security and Global Data Center.
Omnie' s Capabilities on Windows Azure Platform include:
  • Application Development
  • Hosting on cloud or local systems
  • Database storage and migration
  • Mobile Application Development